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There are more than 100 Linux distributions.  Windows To Linux is focusing on the most new user friendly ones.  The power and stability of Linux with a pretty interface.

Below are a few of them.

Linux Mint 16


LinuxMint1 LinuxMint2


LinuxMintMATE1 LinuxMintMATE2

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, providing most compatibility with it.  It comes with a lot of functionality already built-in and useful applications. Want to burn an ISO, restore one to USB, or mount it? It’s built-in.  Linux Mint 16 released November 30, 2013.

Elementary OS (Luna)

Elementary1 Elementary2

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (long-term support).  Elementary provides a very easy to use interface with your applications menu at the top (Slingshot) and a dock at the bottom (Plank) where you can pin your favorite ones.  The Software Center makes it very easy to find new applications and games to install.

Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu1 Ubuntu2

Many distributions are based on this one.  Ubuntu has been the leading distribution for the desktop, pushing hard for usability.  Ubuntu is the distribution officially supported by Steam, but Steam works great on others.